Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Smart Credit® System? »
How does the Smart Credit Report® work? »

This is a revolutionary new type of Credit Report and is not to be confused with a traditional credit report. What makes it so different is the way information is shown.

What Scores do I get? »

Each of your Scores has a number and letter grade. All Scores are estimates and are for educational purposes only. They cannot be used to determine final credit.

What type of Alerts should I expect? »

You can receive various Alerts keeping you informed on the latest updates to your Money and Credit. They include, but are not limited to, Alerts about your Membership, credit monitoring, and when payments are due on your Money Manager linked accounts.

100% Alert notification is not guaranteed. Make sure you allow our Alerts to get to your email in-box by instructing your email that our Alerts are NOT spam.

How can I manage my money? »

Link your online bank accounts, credit cards, loans, utilities and investment accounts to Money Manager. This lets you see individual transactions, monthly statements and payment due date notices.

The details of these linked accounts are shown in Money Manager located on your Member home page and also attached to your creditor data on the Smart Credit Report. If you view a creditor in your Smart Credit Report, the transactions will appear as well.

Allowing all your money and credit info to be located in one place.

What are the available features? »

Smart Credit Report® with all your Scores

  • A new and innovative way to view & use your credit report
  • Quick Slide™ Navigation system
  • Credit, Auto and Insurance scores

Live ID Alerts

  • Notifications when transactions exceed a set amount
  • Credit monitoring for changes to your credit report

Money Manager

  • View all your balances and transactions in one place
  • Automatic updates so you get the most recent data
  • Alerts of suspicious activity
  • Helpful graphs and bill reminders


  • Credit monitoring alerts
  • Money Manager transaction alerts
  • Mobile alerts
Why should I upgrade to Premium (if applicable)? »

You get even more with your Premium membership:

  • UNLIMITED updates to your Smart Credit Report®
  • UNLIMITED updates to your Scores*

Premium membership plans give you UNLIMITED access to all our product features and benefits.

* For your protection and the integrity of our product, you may be required to contact Customer Service to validate excessive updates to your Smart Credit Report and Scores.

How do I cancel my trial membership (if applicable)? »

If you have a trial period, you may cancel your account within your trial period without any obligation or additional cost to you.

During your trial period you will get full access to all the features of our product. However, the total number of Credit Score updates may be limited.

After your trial period, your monthly Membership fees will be according to the Membership plan you have selected at enrollment. You may cancel at any time. You may reactivate at any time as well. Your Membership fees are for your credit scores and credit monitoring, everything else is free.

How does the Satisfaction Guarantee, Refund Policy, and Cancellation Policy work? »

A refund of your first transaction is only eligible if you cancel your account and request a refund with our customer service prior to your second billing period after enrolling in Membership. You will not be eligible for any additional refunds. Any partial refund does not automatically waive any further balance owed. You may reactivate your account at any time after receiving a refund, but you are not entitled to additional refunds.

Canceling your Membership after your free trial period (if applicable) will immediately cease any additional charges. Upon cancellation or a cancellation from failed payment for your Membership, you may lose access to the areas of the product designated for Members only and possibly lose access to your data and all other benefits. After your free trial (if applicable), you agree to pay any accumulated, unbilled charges through the date of your cancellation, at the time of your cancellation.

How can I contact your Customer Service? »

For Members, please log in to your account and click "Contact Us". There you can use our simple form which will help you contact us with your specific needs.  For security purposes, we do not accept emails, please use this form.

For all other questions, please contact us at (877) 267-5566. You can also go to our web site and click on "Contact Us".

Is my information safe with your online security? »

Your information is secured with the same 128-bit encryption used by leading companies, financial institutions and governments worldwide.

We are certified to an ISO 17799 standard. We have an independent 3rd party verify the safety and integrity of our data and systems daily.

We are PCI certified for safe processing of credit/debit transactions.